Wednesday, October 12, 2011

3rd Blog Assignment

Does cosmetic surgery of the genitals done in infancy have a positive affect on intersex individuals?

This question seems like it would be very interesting to research because it's a topic that not a whole lot of people know about. It is also quite controversial because there have been so many people who have suffered because of their reconstructed genitalia. Therefore, much of the information that I would find on this topic would be pathos, forcing emotion on people. I could start looking for answers by first finding statistics on the satisfaction of intersex individuals on their cosmetic surgery, and then find out the source of the statistics. The primary sources that would be most helpful would probably be case studies of different individuals from a random sample of intersex people. The answers in these sources would probably be life stories about someone that has had surgery or the findings after analyzing the data from the a case study. A question that I might like to answer would be: How is life like for intersex individuals that didn't have reconstructive surgery? I would really need to find information on the positive affects and negative affects. I might have trouble finding information on the positive affects of cosmetic surgery of the genitals because the people that have been negatively affects have more of an opinion on the issue and are much more vocal about it.

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